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 Download: Muscle & Fitness article (The beginning of the MEM brand)

In 2011, MEM (Mentor Educate Motivate) featured in muscle & fitness magazine, Derrick Twum MEM founder shares his story of being incarcerated for gang related crime in US state prison (as teenager), moving to the UK and starting a movement (MEM Gym Boys) to use fitness as a tool to Mentor Educate Motivate marginalised youths growing up in less affluent areas. 

M.E.M was an idea Derrick Twum came up with while serving his sentence.  " I denounced the gang lifestyle whilst incarcerated and became dedicated to being physically active and rebuilding myself. It was during my incarceration that I understood the power of being physically active; it helped me cope with the stress & mental health complications that naturally comes with being incarcerated, it gave me the confidence I needed to leave my past destructive life behind and in addition, it gave me hope and a clear vision in terms of what I was going to do after my release from prison. My vision (M.E.M – Mentor Educate Motivate) was to use my past life experience to inspire others that change and progress is possible if you truly want it". 

Today, MEM have grown into a brand that offers fitness lovers 3 product categories: affordable lux gym shoes, gym apparel, and gym accessories making it convenient for customers to find their basic fitness essentials in one place. 

We reinvest 5% of our profits back into our youth crime prevention projects (MEM Academy).