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Thanks to the MEM Fitness team, Ive got a workout for you that results in a sweat and increased heart-rate, thus stimulating the metabolism so you can eat more. Happy days!

Actually, you will feel happy after you’ve done it but it is a pretty intense workout so bear with me. If you cheat it won’t work so you may as well do it without complaining. Studies have shown we gain 5lb on average during the festive season…so if you want to avoid that you need this workout in your life.

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Start by getting a small step and put one leg on it and the other leg behind it, squat down 10 times, then switch legs and do 10 on that side.

There’s no time for a rest after this as straight away you should put the palms of your hands on the step, get into the push up position and do 10 half burpees. That’s jumping your legs into your chest and jumping back out into the press up position.

After these 10, jump your legs to one side of the push up position, back to the middle and then out to the other side. Do these 10 time and go straight back to the squats. NO RESTING! Repeat the three exercises three times and please, as I said, no resting


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After this, take a minute’s break as you’ll probably need to get your breath back. Then get into the plank position, hold for 15 seconds and get straight up and do 15 full burpees. That’s press up position, jump the knees in and then jump up like I am doing in the photo below. Remember no resting! Go straight back to the plank afterwards and repeat the set three times.

Now we’ve worked out the legs with the squats and burpees and the core with the plank. But the core is especially important when we’re indulging over the Christmas period so it’s time for a set that focuses on this area.

Sit on the floor with your legs in the air and straight and bend them as you raise them in towards your body and then out again. It’s similar to the position below but keeping your legs together. After 12 of these, it’s time for 15 jump squats and then straight back into the sit ups. Repeat three times and try not to cry (as now you’ll be pretty tired and emotional).

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And finally, it’s time for my favourite words of the work-out – ‘last’ and ‘set’. But we don’t end in an easy way, oh no! Get into the press-up position and do 10.

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And then go straight into 20 mountain climbers where you jump one leg in and then back out and then jump the other leg in and out. Again, there’s no resting and three repetitions. All you need is a small step and a bit of willpower but you can do it.

Writter, Zoe

(Originally Published, 2013)