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 Every Purchase Makes An Impact

Our community initiative, M.E.M Academy CIC, is deeply committed to our social mission of using sports as a transformative tool for marginalised youths.

MEMFitness serves as the financial engine to sustain our community initiatives, which aim to prevent youth crime and reduce re-offending in underserved areas.

Our ultimate goal is to empower these young individuals, enabling them not only to thrive but also to become valued and productive contributors to their communities.



We firmly believe that every young person deserves a chance to succeed and contribute positively to society. By focusing on sports as a vehicle for personal growth and development, we aim to provide a pathway for these marginalised youths to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.  



Acknowledging the historical and systemic inequalities that have hindered progress in our communities, we are dedicated to confronting these disparities directly.

Through tailored programs and initiatives designed to address the specific needs of marginalised youths, we strive to level the playing field and create an environment where they can succeed and prosper.